January 07, 2016


My name is Jessica McFall, and I want to welcome you to my very first blog! As I take my journey through scrapbooking and mixed media, I invite you to check out my layouts and any photo or video tutorials that I will be posting.

I would love to see your comments and look forward to any advice that you may have! If you can think of something that could contribute to my layouts or want to discuss something in a project, then please leave me a message in my comments section.

When watching any video tutorials that I post, remember that I have never taken an art lesson; therefore, my techniques may not be the "proper" or best way to complete a task. I might as well be finger painting (which is always a blast!). So I hope my methods and techniques will give you a laugh as well as provide you with helpful ideas. 

Hope to see you back again soon!

1 comment:

  1. Hi Jessica! I came back to see your cat >^..^< and of course to watch the video. I was able to settle down from being busy. I really enjoyed the music - I recognized it, but didn't know who it was. Thx for including the artist at the end of your vid. Watching you create was really enjoyable! You did a fabulous job!